GamePlan: Synopsis

Cast: 3 male / 4 female
Running time (approximate): 2 hours 10 minutes - not including the interval.
Availability: GamePlan is available for both professional and amateur production.
Acting edition: Published by Samuel French.


Sorrel Saxon (Schoolgirl, 16)
Lynette Saxon (Her mother, former business
woman, 40)

Kelly Butcher (Sorrel's friend, schoolgirl, 16)
Leo Tyler (Retired dry cleaner, 40s)
Dan Endicott (Police detective sergeant, 40s)
Grace Page (Police Constable, 30s)
Troy Stephens (Tabloid journalist, 30s)
In a Docklands apartment, 16 year old Sorrell lives with her single mother Lynette. Times are hard following her parent’s split and with Lynette’s internet company going under and, much to Sorrell’s horror, Lynette believes they may have to move away from London. Sorrell decides to be pro-active and press-gangs her best friend Kelly into helping her with a rather desperate plan, inspired by a rather dubious role-model of a girl expelled from their school.

Sorrell buys herself a mobile phone and advertises herself on the internet as a classy call-girl, keeping this from her mother and only using the flat for ‘business’ when Lynette is at work.

The girls manage to eventually arrange their first client and Kelly agrees to deal with the ‘front of house’ aspects of the transaction and be responsible for securing necessities such as condoms - bought in bulk from her own spending money. Sorrell meanwhile becomes Mandy, a latex and leather corseted call girl, barely able to breathe in her outfit and walk in her heels. The first client is Leo, a dapper forty-something who appears less interested in the sex than in talking about his late wife. Following some increasingly desperate attempts to get Leo into the bedroom, Sorrel eventually drags him in, telling Kelly to intervene if she screams.

Unfortunately, Kelly mistakes Sorrel’s rather enthusiastic sexual noises for screaming and nearly knocks Leo out with a vase. The mistake compounded, Sorrel and Leo continue their transaction and Sorrel goes to Kelly, deeply upset by what has happened. Leo appears, apparently well-satisfied, steps into the living room and promptly dies from a massive heart-attack.

Later, Lynette is worried about Sorrel’s behaviour and distress. Her daughter will not communicate with her though and she eventually pops her sleeping pills and goes to bed. Sorrel calls Kelly, who helps her awkwardly move Leo’s body from a hiding place and tips him over the balcony into the Thames below. Lynette unexpectedly appears and, due to the girls’ behaviour, presumes they’re taking drugs.

Two weeks pass and Sorrel and Kelly believe they have got away with it all; until the police arrive at the flat. They have traced Mandy back to the flat via Leo’s computer and assume Lynette is Mandy. They ring a number advertised on Sorrel’s website and her mobile rings from the desk. Sorrel tries to explain but is dismissed by the police.

Some time later and although charges have not been pressed, the police investigation has led to Lynette being shunned by her neighbours and friends and Sorrel being bullied at school. Together they are preparing to move to Doncaster. A journalist arrives in an attempt to persuade Lynette to sell her story. He makes an offer and she adds a nought to the total. Abashed, he goes back to the office for advice. Despite - or perhaps because of - all that has happened, Sorrel and Lynette’s relationship has been strengthened and they know they can face the future together for the better. The journalist returns and gives his answer, which is….

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